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Anshonae Mills is the woman who is suing the Super Bowl MVP, and as Sports By Brooks and Busted Coverage have found, she has an online presence.

A profile at Black that appears to be several years old includes pictures of Mills.

In basketball, he helped lead his team to a state runner-up finish as a senior.

In track, his team won the state title during his junior year, and he was the member of a 4x400 meter relay team that won two state titles.

While the situation continues to develop, both NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin are concerned by the pattern.

According to her profile, she has a “contagious personality,” is an “adrenaline junky” and is “not usually a b*tch, but i can be.” What gets on her nerves?

“Lame people.” At the time she wrote her profile description (which, again, appears to be back in 2007), the woman who is now apparently suing Holmes for ,000 said, “I love money.” The lawsuit against Holmes comes at a particularly poor time for the Steelers.

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They won't take down Paterno's statue, but can they at least put a blindfold on it for historical accuracy?

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In the meantime, Pro Football Talk reports that Santonio Holmes is making sure everyone is in his corner by telling a fan to commit suicide.

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