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Imagine if Here, for example, is how the Skimm recently broke down a bit about Syria: “Former President Obama came thiiiss close to military intervention.

They jump in and out of Ubers in progressive coastal cities.“It’s going to take a looooong time before there are any real answers. “There are many, many questions that remain unanswered.The only thing that’s for sure at this point is this is a very tangled web.” Ivanka, too, makes a habit of brushing off real abuses of power as issues too complicated to truly understand.The Skimm’s summary of the 2014 midterm election: “Everyone can agree on one thing: no one’s happy. And voters blame Congress.” In that same email, the Skimm surmised that “Hispanics aren’t as loco for the Dems this time around,” a ghastly reference to Latino voters that could have come from the Trump family stylebook entry on “brown people.” One gets the sense that neither the Skimm nor Ivanka Trump grasp the basic gist of any political issue.Ivanka took America’s unconscionable lack of federal paid family leave policy and boiled it down to “The most important job any woman can have is being a mother.” The Skimm’s election guide, meanwhile, illustrated “education” with a ping-pong ball caroming off a Solo cup, “climate change” with a pair of Jared Kushner’s Ray-Bans, and immigration with a goddamn Now for the terrifying part: Those people can vote.

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