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It's a very sensual and sensitive and sort of erotic scene. It's the ultimate blue movie, you dig what I'm saying? I think every actor wants to be part of something that can be considered a piece of cinema in a significant way, and I feel that way with "Avatar." I think professionally it certainly has goosed things for me. Lang: I don't think that personally they've changed so much. Bookmark us and check back often, we're always adding new avatars!There could be a number of reasons for this seemingly odd finding: Ultimately, the study has implications for gender theorists and gamers alike.

Above and beyond that, there has been this hankering for more information about this world that Jim created, and Jim is responsive to that and excited to bring back some of the footage it was probably painful for him to cut in the first place. I've been doing other things and "Avatar" subsided for a while and it's been a lot of fun for it to rise up again.Stereotypes related to gender and appearance that burden women in the real world could follow them into virtual ones, according to researchers.In a study of how people interacted with avatars in an ...MTV: Is there any new footage from Colonel Quaritch to look forward to? There's a little bit more of my fighting, there's a little bit more of my black-heartedness.There's still plenty of Quaritch scenes that are somewhere else.

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