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Therefore, there is very little Ethos in this profile.

Second, Pathos, or the writer’s emotional appeal to the audience. She doesn’t just want to have a good time, but a “rocking good time.” She describes herself as not only smart, funny, and educated, but “crazy fun,” and uses words like “driven, passionate, and an extremely loyal, strong woman.” She doesn’t just ask for similar qualities in a partner, but “desires” them. She’s either pausing, emphasizing, or “laughing out loud” about what she’s written.

This could cause problems in the world of online dating.

Select make some of the most interesting profiles, notes, and is limited in order to meet with them for the first time.

You can always look again if it fails, and thus not too many activities and mixed feelings. If the point where personal information may have reached passed, there are ways to ensure the details.

Well, for me it means: I'm not looking for a manager; cause I don't take to well to being told what to do. We’d both enjoy a crazy night out downtown, but be equally satisfied cuddling on the couch to watch the game (ie = beer and pizza! I love to travel and want to breathe in life and just BE. ******************************************************** There are three technical or artistic proofs as stated by Herrick: “… The first half of her profile suggests that she has identified a portion of the audience, and has immediately eliminated them as potential candidates.

spelled out that means “No, I’m not spending 10% of my income to support your cute butt – even if BUMMER … I guarantee I'll keep you on your toes and I hope you do the same for me! Beyond understanding her audience, however, I’m at a loss for further credibility.

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