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She got hearing aids 7 month ago and I thought her behaviour would improve...... I went to the doctor recently after having throughly researched her behavioural symptoms I believed it to be ODD.

I was told that there were no tests professionals could do and as long as my daughter was not 'harming any animals or people' (conduct disorder) then no assesments could take place until she was at least 12 years old!

It doesnt state if its part of the conduct disorder though.

There are 30 people registered with this condition.

Hi, It must very stressful for you to live like this, I'm surprised the health professionals have said no assessments can take place till she's 12.

I'm not an expert on this condition, but whilst reading other peoples posts on contact a families family linking service - making contact, I read 2 seperate posts where a parent stated thier child was diagnosed with ODD at 3 years and another at 8...

Good Luck Gel x Hi, sorry i should of added she has ADHD also and we were thinking to go down the med route now.

We had to go to a private clinic as ODD is not well understood in the UK especially within local authorities.She is 10 now and beginning to manage her behaviour most days, the bad days come and go, but my advice is focus on the good days as much as you can and try to get some time on your own on the bad days. Hi Tracy, No, she is not on meds for ODD, it has taken years of hard work from both her and the rest of her immediate family and a lot of love support and encouragement.She understands the affects of her behaviour and wants to change.My health visitor is in the process of trying to help,but has not heard of it herself and in the meantime it's really stressing me out.Has anyone else got a child who is extremley defiant towards authority (my daughter is definate with me and a little to my husband but fine at school and with other people who have authority) It's NOT just a child being naughty, it's very stressful and every morning I wake up thinking what sort of mood my 6 year old is in and what she will argue with me about.

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Demand a Conners scale assessment, it's what they use to determine ADHD, but it will score ODD too, this can be done from age 6. My daughter has ODD and I totally understand where you are coming from, for a long time, I thought I was going insane, as they tend to demonstrate the oppositional & defiant behaviours to their primary carers, (I'm a single parent)siblings and primary authority figures, eg.

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